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The Ancient Tradition of Warriorhood in the Kenyan Desert

In this month’s blog post we explore warriorhood as handed down from generation to generation within the remote Rendille tribe living in the Kenyan Desert


Fashion & Art Meet in the Desert

How is fashion photography relevant in the desert of Kenya or the dunes of Namibia? Drew looks at his own work – and famed fashion photographer Irving Penn’s – to find out how the two are connected.

Dive Deeper

Read time: 2:12

History & Design of the 12-Meter Yachts

Over 100 years ago the 12-Meter yachts first set sail. So why are they still recognized as the standard for design, speed, and agility?

Five Images That Remind Drew What’s Important

From moments of shared humanity thousands of miles from home to the enduring beauty of our natural world, Drew discusses a selection of images that remind him to live in the present moment.

From Fashion to the Himalayas

Drew’s story begins in Nepal where a life-altering expedition through the Himalayas changed the course of his career.

A World of Its Own

Many recognize the Omo Valley as the birthplace of mankind. Explore this remote Ethiopian location’s distinct & celebrated traditions through Drew’s images.

Series Explored: Band of Rebels

Drew continues his award-winning documentation of wild horses in Camargue, France where he photographed and filmed a close-knit group of all-white horses who roam freely over the ethereal landscape.

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