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Drew previews new series in Photographer magazine interview

I’ve developed a strong interest in exploring endangered natural treasures which I captured in my recent series, Shadows Alight; documenting seemingly raw, unspoiled vignettes within America’s national park system.

Light Above

I recently sat down for an intimate interview with Photographer magazine, featuring a preview of my two new series Shadow’s Alight: Portraits of the American West and Ephemeral Shores. Besides speaking about the details of my practice and my background, I am also thrilled to be featured next to some of the most esteemed photographers working today including Bruce Weber and my former mentor Mark Seliger.

I was also particularly excited to talk about my my early inspiration for pursuing the medium as my life-long career, what sparked my transition from working in fashion photography to fine art, and how I choose my subjects.

I hope you enjoy reading the full article on the Photographers magazine website, here.

Pacific Blue

“It was an important development for me to recognize that there are some stories that are best told in color.” – Drew Doggett

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