• Premium Wood Frames

    American-Made & Custom


    We are committed to using products made here in the USA, which is why we use Larson Juhl premium wood frames. These elegantly simple frames let the image be the focal point while still protecting your work.


  • Premium Wood Frames

    Materials That Last


    All of our materials are archival and are carefully chosen to help your print have a long life span, free from fading and other possible time-related damages. Acid-free mat boards and protective finishes encase your work in museum-quality materials.

  • Premium Wood Frames

    Arrives Ready to Hang


    We want you to enjoy your new work as soon as possible, which is why all framed artwork comes ready to hang, equipped with all necessary hardware.



  • Facemounted Plexi Frames

    A Vibrant and Stunning Display


    Plexi-framing allows for a free-floating, fresh, and contemporary look. This type of display adds a vivid, sculptural dimension to your print while also protecting against aging and dirt.




  • Facemounted Plexi Frames

    The Process


    To achieve this sleek & sculptural style your print is preserved between a piece of plexiglas and acid-free sintra backing so the image is the focus – not the frame.




  • Which Plexiglass will work for you?

    Currently Available For Our Wooden Frames


    We take the guesswork out of perfecting your framed image by offering two carefully-selected types of plexiglass; UV-Protected or Non-Reflexive.


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  • Standard, UV-Protected Plexiglass¬†



    Offering up to 92% UV protection and is lightweight and more durable than glass. We recommend this Plexiglass in most situations.



  • Non-Reflective, UV-Protected Plexiglass



    Non-reflective plexiglass creates a nearly invisible surface, is abrasion resistant, and offers 99% UV protection. We recommend considering this option if you are placing your work in the vicinity of large light sources, facing sunlit windows, or if you are sensitive to glares in your artwork.