About Drew

About Drew

Chasing the Extraordinary

Blending ethnography and fashion photography, Drew’s work weaves together the extraordinary stories of the most unique people, places, and cultures.


Why I Do
What I Do

Have you ever had a life-altering moment that changed the course of your world?

I didn’t have just one of those but instead had a series of occurrences that, when linked together, have shaped my life’s work.

It all started sitting high in the Himalayas as I waited out an impassable storm…


Jules Verne satisfied my want of adventure as a child. I would be engrossed in his books for days, leaving the real world behind. As I was sitting in the Himalayas waiting out the storm, it dawned on me that some sort of connection had been forged between my youth and my career – something that started with Verne.

In my work, I am a storyteller above all else. Yet instead of the written word, I use still images and film to share a narrative.

Art of Culture


Seeking What Counts

“The best thing about a picture is it never changes, even when the people inside of it do.” - Andy Warhol

I feel an immense responsibility to my audience and I want to give a glimpse into something unexpected that is, at the same time, recognizable. This comes down to my process of selecting subjects, because while it may seem varied, my choices tend to have much in common.

Find out how I choose my subjects



Fueled by the excitement of the discovery of a new angle, an untold story, or an iconic image, the search for my subjects is endless.

As those closest to me would tell you, when I have my mind set on an image, it becomes all consuming and I do everything physically possible to make the story come to life.


What Makes
A Drew Doggett Print?

At my core I am a perfectionist, and because of my fashion background I am always seeking to extract the most detail from deep within each composition.

I know that the attention I pay to seemingly minute aspects of the image is part of what makes my work unique.

I always want the amount of time I put into the finding of my subjects and the composing of an image to be evident in the smallest of textures and subtle variations of tone in the final print.

Find out what goes in to making a print 

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