• New Series Released

    Desert Song: Compositions of Kenya


    Desert Song presents the women and children of the resilient Rendille and Samburu tribes in portraiture paying homage to modern + contemporary fashion photography.

  • New Series Released

    Warrior Studies: Rendille & Samburu


    These images focus on the physicality of the male warriors in the remote Rendille & Samburu tribes in Northern Kenya.


  • New Series Released

    Discovering Horses of Sable Island


    Drew Returns to Sable Island; 23 New Works Released.


Shop Series

Sable Island Horses

Sable Island Horses, Canada

Omo: Expressions of a People

Portraits from the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

About the Artist



Photographer and filmmaker Drew Doggett uses the sympathies and attention to detail of fashion photography to document people, places, and cultures with incredible stories.

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Displayed large in scale as feature pieces, as a curated arrangement on a gallery-style wall, or in a pairing of two, three, or four, Drew’s work transports us beyond our backyards. Coupled with the romantic and dramatic contrast of black and white, these images have transformed hundreds of private homes and public interiors.