The Art of Sable Island

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The Art of Sable Island

“There is nowhere else like it in the world.”


A Moment in Time | Read time: 01:00

The Story Behind “By the Sea”

Spend enough time around horses and you get to know their personalities. They tend to have unique characteristics much in the way people do. Stallions, of course, are the most spirited of all and the beautiful horse seen in my image By the Sea especially caught my eye.  His sleek coat was perfect, and his […]


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Issue 4 – The Fashion Issue II

When on an expedition I am looking for the intersection of design and pattern working in harmony with nature or within remote cultures. I utilize my years of studio photography and love of adventure to evoke emotion from the scenes I capture using texture and form and maximizing the most minute of details.


A Moment in Time | Read time: 01:55

The Story Behind “Endless Dream”

Few places have been as inspirational to me as Iceland. Beautiful and unpredictable, this land boasts an incredible population of horses whose identity is interwoven with their homeland in a nearly spiritual way.


Why I Do What I Do | Read time: 01:15

What Makes a Drew Doggett Print?

When I set out on my own, I promised myself that I would not follow trends or create work just for the sake of having something new to release. To retain my integrity as an artist, my process of creating comes down to finding the right subject matter and then discerning the best way to […]


Why I Do What I Do | Read time: 02:33

The Expedition

Fueled by the excitement of the discovery of a new angle, an untold story, or an iconic image, the search for my subjects is endless. As those closest to me would tell you, when I have my mind set on an image, it becomes all consuming and I do everything physically possible to make the story come to life.

Omo-People-Drew-Doggett-africa-tribe-boy-tree-landscape-Untitled 20.jpg

Why I Do What I Do | Read time: 02:19

Seeking What Counts

I feel an immense responsibility to my audience and I want to give a glimpse into something unexpected that is, at the same time, recognizable. This comes down to my process of selecting subjects, because while it may seem varied, my choices tend to have much in common.


Why I Do What I Do | Read time: 01:50

The Art of Culture

Jules Verne satisfied my want of adventure as a child. I would be engrossed in his books for days, leaving the real world behind. As I was sitting in the Himalayas waiting out the storm, it dawned on me that some sort of connection had been forged between my youth and my career – something that started with Verne. In my work, I am a storyteller above all else. Yet instead of the written word, I use still images and film to share a narrative.


Why I Do What I Do | Read time: 03:34

Coming Into Focus

Have you ever had a life-altering moment that changed the course of your world? I didn’t have just one of those but instead had a series of occurrences that, when linked together, have shaped my life’s work. It all started sitting high in the Himalayas as I waited out an impassable storm…


A Moment in Time | Read time: 03:43

The Story Behind “Adorned”

Cultural portraiture is not just about capturing an image, but about capturing a voice that may not otherwise be heard. I have grown accustomed to looking for these voices, which is how I ended up taking this portrait of Tiye in the Northern Kenyan desert.


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Issue 3: Uncovering Humanity

I am always looking for instances of what we share around the world hidden within remote places or distant traditions. On the occasion of the start of the new year, I’ve chosen a few of my images that illustrate the globally-relatable aspects of my work.


Travel Notebook | Read time: 02:25

A 1,000+ Year Old Love Story

Mythology and reality are intertwined in Iceland, especially when it comes to the resident horses. Drew’s latest series, In the Realm of Legends, tells this story.


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Issue 2: The Fashion Issue

I have become accustomed to looking for incredible instances of how fashion mimics the natural and man-made world because of my background in fashion photography. Here are my top five images that illustrate this theme.