Travel Notebook

A 1,000+ Year Old Love Story

Mythology and reality are intertwined in Iceland, especially when it comes to the resident horses. Drew’s latest series, In the Realm of Legends, tells this story.


Travel Notebook | Read time: 02:34

The Ancient Tradition of Warriorhood in the Kenyan Desert

In this month’s blog post we explore warriorhood as handed down from generation to generation within the remote Rendille tribe living in the Kenyan Desert.


Travel Notebook | Read time: 02:12

History & Design of the 12-Meter Yachts

Over 100 years ago the 12-Meter yachts first set sail. So why are they still recognized as the standard for design, speed, and agility?


Travel Notebook | Read time: 03:12

Five Images That Remind Me What’s Important

From moments of shared humanity thousands of miles from home to the enduring beauty of our natural world, Drew discusses a selection of images that remind him to live in the present moment.


Travel Notebook | Read time: 02:00

Celebrating the National Parks Centennial

Shadows Alight & In Transit are timely reminders of our incredible ‘National Backyard,’ as well as our need to preserve its enduring beauty.


Travel Notebook | Read time: 01:17

Why I Chose Color: Ephemeral Shores

Drew’s first ever color series explores this otherworldly, ancient land known as the Neskowin Ghost Forest as well as its seemingly infinite coastline.


Travel Notebook | Read time: 01:54

History of the J’s

With only 7 seven boats left in existence, find out why the J-Class yachts are revered for their craftsmanship even now, over 100 years later.


Travel Notebook | Read time: 01:53

Why I Chose Sossusvlei

The seemingly endless Sossusvlei dunes are known for their epic proportions, expansiveness, and extreme conditions. So how could this vast desert also be a uniquely serene and meditative environment?

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