A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

The Story Behind "Swift"

Drew tells the story behind the making of this image from Exceptional Creatures


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The Story Behind “By the Sea”

Spend enough time around horses and you get to know their personalities. They tend to have unique characteristics much in the way people do. Stallions, of course, are the most spirited of all and the beautiful horse seen in my image By the Sea especially caught my eye.  His sleek coat was perfect, and his […]


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The Story Behind “Endless Dream”

Few places have been as inspirational to me as Iceland. Beautiful and unpredictable, this land boasts an incredible population of horses whose identity is interwoven with their homeland in a nearly spiritual way.


A Moment in Time | Read time: 03:43

The Story Behind “Adorned”

Cultural portraiture is not just about capturing an image, but about capturing a voice that may not otherwise be heard. I have grown accustomed to looking for these voices, which is how I ended up taking this portrait of Tiye in the Northern Kenyan desert.


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The Story Behind “A Moment in Shade”

The man was carrying a bag which looked deceivingly like a briefcase. It was as if he was traveling to work in an office building – nevermind that the closest town was more than a days walk away & this was the first person we had seen in hours. Also, we were in the middle of the desert.


A Moment in Time | Read time: 02:25

The Story Behind “Legend”

In our newest feature, Drew will tell the stories behind some of his most iconic works one image at a time, starting with Legend from the Sable Island Horses series.

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