A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

The Story Behind "Swift"

Drew tells the story behind the making of this image from Exceptional Creatures


A Moment in Time | Read time: 03:43

The Story Behind “Adorned”

Cultural portraiture is not just about capturing an image, but about capturing a voice that may not otherwise be heard. I have grown accustomed to looking for these voices, which is how I ended up taking this portrait of Tiye in the Northern Kenyan desert.


A Moment in Time | Read time: 03:02

The Story Behind “A Moment in Shade”

The man was carrying a bag which looked deceivingly like a briefcase. It was as if he was traveling to work in an office building – nevermind that the closest town was more than a days walk away & this was the first person we had seen in hours. Also, we were in the middle of the desert.


A Moment in Time | Read time: 02:25

The Story Behind “Legend”

In our newest feature, Drew will tell the stories behind some of his most iconic works one image at a time, starting with Legend from the Sable Island Horses series.

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