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Custom, bespoke travel opportunities cultivated from over 15 years of exploration

As a photographer traveling the world to photograph the most extraordinary people, places, and animals, I’ve had the privilege of logging countless days among the most remarkable locations on Earth.

Along the way, I’ve amassed an expansive network of guides, top lodges, and local contacts and have discovered favored locations allowing me to create my award-winning, globally-collected fine art photography.

These are life-changing experiences that stay with you long beyond your return home.

This is why I am offering carefully-crafted opportunities to travel with me to some of these destinations each year. These locations are some of the most desired places in the world, filled with the most remarkable animals and landscapes. After the joy and wonder these locations have inspired in me and my work, there is nothing I want more than to continue sharing them, when possible, with you.

Whether you are interested in spending time among our most spectacular places on Earth, or a photographer looking to hone your craft, my expeditions are created to give you intimate and unique experiences.


Huge thank you to Drew for the trip of a lifetime!


If photography is your focus, this is an opportunity to learn from the best in the business and bring home images that will evoke the power of your experience. For those focused on other ways to capture the experience, as were 4 of the 8 in our group, this is still your trip to take.


Traveling to East Africa with Drew was magic.


Upcoming Travel Opportunities


1. Kenya (November 2025)

6 Spaces Left

Kenya is home to some of the most incredible wildlife on Earth, making it the perfect destination for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in East Africa’s spectacular wild landscape while in a small group setting.

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2. Rwanda (November 2025)

In Rwanda, we will embark on once-in-a-lifetime treks into the Virungas to see the mountain gorillas in their surreal, natural habitat. This is available as a pre-trip extension before traveling to Kenya.

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3. Tanzania (Febraury 2025)

During this itinerary, you’ll explore the wild expanses of Tanzania, encountering some of the most memorable African wildlife during one of the most exciting, fascinating, and lively times of the year.

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Kinfish at ice edge.jpeg

4. Svalbard (May 2025)

Only 4 Spaces Left

The Norwegian Arctic landscape offers one of the most stunning natural experiences in the world. From polar bears to glaciers to whales, you will immerse yourself in the beauty of this surreal territory aboard a small, intimate expedition boat under the midnight sun.

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Float Plane Alaska.jpg

5. Alaska

During the annual salmon run, a record number of black bears descend on Katmai National Park on the Alaskan peninsula. You’ll access this remote swath of land via float plane to photograph intimate encounters with black bears of all shapes and sizes.

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6. Botswana (June 2025)

Full- Accepting Waitlist

The Okavango Delta is home to animals of all kinds, many of which are endangered. It is one of only a few places on Earth where you can find storied animals, such as white and black rhinoceros, cheetahs, lions, elephants, and more, all in one location.

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Custom Travel Opportunities

If you’re interested in private tours of the destinations mentioned,
or if there is another location you are interested in, please contact Lily.



Howard S.

Kenya 2023

"I’ve been to Africa 7 times; three of those trips were in the last 12 months. I’ve also been on 7 workshops on 4 different continents, and Drew’s was the best by far; absolutely nothing could be improved. Everything was perfect, from Drew’s pre-trip info through our various flights home! Our accommodations, food, and the array of animals we saw exceeded my expectations in every way. We had excellent guides and drivers whose knowledge of the Mara was astounding.

As an average photography enthusiast, I aimed to learn more about composition, camera settings, and post-production. All goals were met thanks to Drew’s obvious enjoyment of teaching us.

I look forward to our next expedition together."

Annie F.

Svalbard 2023

I've always wanted to see the Arctic landscape. When I was a child, the Arctic was exotic- almost unbelievable, and I felt that if I didn't see it, it wasn't really there. Joining Drew Doggett on this trip, even if I wasn’t attending for the purpose of photography, was a privilege I hope I can repeat. It was a small ship catered to the photographers on board, and I enjoyed the views that their needs and interests required since Drew knew exactly which views would enhance the group's photos and when the light was at its best. An opportunity to travel with Drew, as a photographer or not, is a fantastic experience I hope to have again.

Svalbard + Alaska 2023

Rachel S.

"I’ve traveled on multiple trips with Drew, resulting in outstanding photos, and have received incredible feedback from sharing them. Photographing wildlife is all about access and proximity. Drew’s images and guided expeditions repeatedly demonstrate his ability to not just ‘take images but to create them,’ as he says, by drawing on his years of experience and relationships within the industry. As our photographic guide, Drew was excellent. He was open about all aspects of photography and always willing to sit and go through images, discuss composition, work through edits, or chat about what makes a great image. His discussions about creating feelings and emotions in photos were also constructive, and I know I improved my photography. Last but not least, I can confidently say that these were the trips of a lifetime. I had so much fun."

Erin & Bob C.

Kenya 2023

Drew Doggett is a brilliant artist who expresses himself in timeless photographs of nature and the animals that inhabit our challenged planet. He is also the perfect person to lead small groups through the adventure of a lifetime—a photographic safari to southern Kenya. Resourceful, organized, connected, and genuine, Drew turned our small group of eight adventurers into a collegial family, sharing our experiences together during meals, excursions, “sundowners”, and individual conversations. [Over the 7 days of our stay] Drew and his team took care of every detail at every step of the trip. Seamless, safe, and secure, Drew’s guests could devote their attention to the surroundings, the majesty and power of the animals in their habitat, and, for those of us interested, the best way possible to capture photographic images of our experiences. Our days started early with a game drive in the morning light, followed by breakfast at the camp, time for relaxation and rest, a photograph lesson by the master himself, and an early evening game drive to capture the fading light. Dinner was a time to share our experiences, our photos, and our growing friendships.

If you are considering a safari adventure and looking for perfection in the experience, Drew Doggett will create memories that will last a lifetime. If photography is your focus, it is an opportunity to learn from the best in the business and bring home images that will evoke the power of your experience. For those focused on other ways to capture the experience, as were 4 of the 8 in our group, this is still your trip to take.

We will be back!"


Elise L. - Kenya 2023

"Drew added immeasurably to the trip. He was generous with advice and instruction on photography, and in the field, he would look over my shoulder into my LCD screen and suggest alternative framings or settings, always in the most gracious way. He always advised the driver to position the land cruiser for the best shot. Additionally, afternoon editing sessions and presentations covered technical aspects like camera settings and artistic aspects like composition, storytelling, and the “why” of making an image. I learned tons. He was [also] just as supportive of the person who came for the trip and brought their camera along as he was of the experienced photographers"


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