Caring For Your Print

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Caring For Your Print


Prints are not meant to be stored in a tube for extended periods of time. Handling works without proper care can increase the likelihood of fingerprints and kinks.


Your print is very fragile and should be taken directly to a professional framer.


Due to humidity and changes in temperature, it is common for prints to have waves when unrolling for the first time. We advise your framer to dry-mount the work on acid-free board using archival tissue and materials. This will ensure that your print will remain flat once framed.

Caring For Your Frame



Our wood frames do not require much more than the occasional light dusting. Using a dry, soft cloth is sufficient. Be careful not to use any chemical cleaners on the molding or plexiglass as they can amount to damage over time.



Standard plexiglass can scratch if not careful. You cannot use regular cleaners (like Windex). Brillianize is the cleaner we recommend.



Museum plexiglass, whether on wood frames or face-mounted plexi frames, is the most scratch resistant. It can be cleaned with any ammonia free glass cleaner.


When choosing where to put your new print, note that hanging it in a room with a lot of direct natural light could cause it to fade over time.

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