White Horses of Camargue 

Horses descended from prehistoric times


The all-white horses of Camargue are most identifiable by their signature color and prominent features; they are believed to be descended from prehistoric horses around 17,000 years ago. Here, set against the monotone backdrop of their habitat in remote Southern France, their grace and power is everpresent.

Watch the Short Film 

Band of Rebels: White Horses of Camargue


This short film explores the relationship of the bold and beautiful all-white horses of Camargue and the cowboys of the Riviera, or ‘gardians,’ who care for them. This traditional role dates back to the 1500s and is not for the faint of heart.

“These horses are some of the most confident animals I’ve ever been around. It wasn’t just their defined musculature either, but their large, dark, expressive eyes – it’s as if you can see into their souls.”

Drew Doggett

Camargue’s Gardians

An indelible bond between man and horse


The Camargue horse’s sustained & miraculous presence on Earth is enabled by a group of caretakers known as the Brotherhood of the Camargue Horsemen, Gardians, or ‘cowboys of the Riviera.’


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