Desert Song: Compositions of Kenya

A celebration of femininity and youth in the Kenyan Desert


Desert Song presents the women and children of the resilient Rendille and Samburu tribes in portraiture paying homage to modern + contemporary fashion photography. Dressed in the traditional clothing native to this desert territory, the visual language of this series blurs geographic and cultural lines and reveals a people exuding an enviable harmony with their land.

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Desert Song


In the Northern Frontier District of Kenya, deep in the remote Chalbi Desert, the Rendille people have remained a bastion of traditional culture.


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The Ubiquitous Beads of Northern Kenyan Cultures



Worn by the women of the Rendille & Samburu tribes, these elaborate necklaces are created painstakingly by hand. Every detail, from the way beads are placed next to one another to the quantity of each color, indicates information about the wearer. Film coming soon.

Confident and regal, the women of the Samburu & Rendille cultures are classically and timelessly beautiful. I found their strength and pride in their heritage to be an extraordinary part of their identity.

Drew Doggett



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