Sail: Majesty at Sea

Fearless icons of the open seas


Sail: Majesty at Sea is an intimate look into the world of two revered racing sailboat classes and their incredible and enduring design as they navigate the open ocean.

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Presenting documentation of the sleek and incomparable J-Class and 12-Meter yachts, this short film highlights these powerful boat’s timeless design and enduring beauty.

  • Majesty At Sea


    These boats are the result of careful calculation and engineering. They are the perfect intersection of form and function.

    Drew Doggett



  • White out


    “An immense blanket of fog delayed the regatta as the boats zig-zagged back and forth waiting for the start.”

    Drew Doggett



  • At Sea


    Sometimes photography comes down to the magic of recognizing an important, fleeting moment.

    Drew Doggett



“These boats exude strength, power, beauty, and vigor from up close, but from afar they are in perfect harmony with the ocean,
mapping their own patterns. Their majesty is never lost on you.”

Drew Doggett

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History & Design of the 12-Meter Yachts



What makes the 12-Meter yachts so notorious and unique? In part, their history.


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Sail: Majesty at Sea


Sail: Majesty at Sea is an intimate look into the world of rare, J-Class and 12-Meter racing sailboats and their enduring beauty, power and speed as they navigate the open ocean.


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