“Even though my path through the American West had been traveled before, I couldn’t help but feel this incredibly romantic notion that I was the first person to discover these natural wonders.”


  • Rushing waters


    “There’s something incredibly seductive about the velvety-soft water. I loved capturing that in contrast to the angular trees and rocks that frame the river.”

    Drew Doggett

  • Yosemite Awakens


    “The light peeking through the trees was heavenly and unexpected yet more than welcome. Today, Mother Nature delivered a moment I’ll never forget.”

    Drew’s Travel Notebook

  • Sea Stacks


    “The contrast between these rocks and the trees that have managed to call them home reminds me of the almighty will of our natural world.”

    Drew Doggett


  • Transcendence


    “I was awestruck by the magnitude of the rock, especially reflected and perfectly preserved in the crystalline, free-flowing Merced River.”

    Drew Doggett


  • INNOCENT waters


    “Found deep in the Oregon forest, scenes like this waterfall felt like I had stumbled upon paradise or a page out of a children’s storybook.”

    Drew Doggett


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Celebrating the National Park’s System



The National Parks System turned 100 in 2016. Why does that matter?

Behind the Camera

14,000+ miles & 21 state and national parks.


The journey through the American West presented a spectrum of natural wonders. Here is an intimate look at the 14,000 mile journey, taken over 2 months in a 23-foot Airstream trailer and visiting 21 State and National Parks.


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