Shadows Alight: Portraits of the American West

Uncover the Hidden Beauty of ‘America’s Best Idea’ – Our National Parks


As if we are discovering them for the first time together, explore the intimate pockets and expansive vistas of America’s exotic yet local National Parks.

“Even though my path through the American West had been traveled before, I couldn’t help but feel this incredibly romantic notion that I was the first person to discover these natural wonders.”


  • Rushing waters


    “There’s something incredibly seductive about the velvety-soft water. I loved capturing that in contrast to the angular trees and rocks that frame the river.”

    Drew Doggett

  • Yosemite Awakens


    “The light peeking through the trees was heavenly and unexpected yet more than welcome. Today, Mother Nature delivered a moment I’ll never forget.”

    Drew’s Travel Notebook

  • Sea Stacks


    “The contrast between these rocks and the trees that have managed to call them home reminds me of the almighty will of our natural world.”

    Drew Doggett


  • Transcendence


    “I was awestruck by the magnitude of the rock, especially reflected and perfectly preserved in the crystalline, free-flowing Merced River.”

    Drew Doggett


  • INNOCENT waters


    “Found deep in the Oregon forest, scenes like this waterfall felt like I had stumbled upon paradise or a page out of a children’s storybook.”

    Drew Doggett


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Celebrating the National Park’s System



The National Parks System turned 100 in 2016. Why does that matter?


Behind the Camera

14,000+ miles & 21 state and national parks.


The journey through the American West presented a spectrum of natural wonders. Here is an intimate look at the 14,000 mile journey, taken over 2 months in a 23-foot Airstream trailer and visiting 21 State and National Parks.


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