Short films

Short Films

Drew Doggett’s award-winning short films are an extension of
his still photography practice, created to give his audience an
even closer look at his subjects and their unique perspectives.

Colossal Shadows

Super Tuskers of East Africa (2:38)

Kenya, Africa

There are only 24 super tusk elephants left on Earth. With tusks weighing a combined 200 lbs or more, these magnificent creatures are kings of the elephant world. Their near-disappearance was due to...

Making of Dunes

Landscapes Evolving Series (3:13)

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Dunes: Landscape Evolving offers viewers a whirlwind, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the accompanying photographic series by Drew Doggett, shot in the sand dunes of Sossusvlei Desert in Namib...

Sail: Majesty At Sea


Newport, RI

Born from his longtime passion for the sport of sailing, Drew’s latest collection is an intimate look into the world of two iconic and revered racing sailboat classes and their enduring heritage, beau...

Behind the Scenes

In the Realm of Legends (1:07)


Watch as Drew shoots his latest equestrian series among the epic backdrop of a cool blue glacial lagoon, black sand beaches and snowy tundras. Drew withstood the elements to get up close and personal...

Desert Song

Compositions of Kenya (0:47)

Kenya, Africa

In the Northern Frontier District of Kenya, deep in the remote Chalbi Desert, the Rendille people have remained a bastion of traditional culture. This trailer for the photographic series Desert Song: ...


Force of Nature (1:33)


One of the most surreal and unbelievable landscapes on Earth boasts extreme elements within mere miles of one another.

The Escape

Featuring Alana Blanchard (3:19)

Oahu, Hawaii

For Hawaiian pro surfer Alana Blanchard, surfing is not just a sport. For her, it is about being transported to that moment where time stands still and staying present is the only option.

Spirit of Sable

Explore Sable Island By Air (1:04)

Sable Island, Canada

Soar high above Sable Island and experience the wild horses in the first-ever aerial short film captured by drone.


Abstract Expressions (4:12)

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Dunes: Abstract Expressions is a short film about the Sossusvlei Desert in Namibia and the intricate yet simple ephemeral patterns of the sand dunes; while they are consistent in their physical makeup...

Stronghold of Resistance

Sable Island and Her Legendary Horses (4:06)

Sable Island, Canada

This short film takes viewers to the shores of Sable Island, a small strip of land less than a mile-wide whose only full-time inhabitants are wild horses; no human attempts at colonization have ever s...

In the Realm of Legends

Iceland (1:46)


Iceland is known for its waterfalls, volcanic black sand beaches and other dreamlike & surreal natural features that make its resident horses a sight you have to see to believe. These animals are part...

Band of Rebels

White Horses of Camargue (3:46)

Camargue, France

The Brotherhood of the Camargue Horsemen, also known as gardians or ‘cowboys of the Riviera,’ have tended to the distinctive white horses of Camargue since the 1500s. Living deep within the Camargue M...

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