Discovering the Horses of Sable Island

Run with the most mysterious all-wild horses in the world


Sable Island, a small strip of land off the coast of Nova Scotia, is like nowhere else on Earth. The island is known for its history of shipwreck and for its incredibly resilient residents; it is home to one of the last herds of completely wild horses who have established their own independent way of life on the island’s 26 rugged miles.

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Stronghold of Resistance: Sable Island & Her Legendary Horses


This short film takes viewers to Sable’s shores through a narrator mysteriously enmeshed within the island to explore the never-ending cycles that make this strip of land a self-sustaining system where only wild horses have managed to thrive.

“I’ve never felt so connected to animals as I do when I’m on Sable Island. These horses, and their near-mythical home, having an unmistakeable resiliency to their existence that I find remarkable each time I travel there.”

Drew Doggett


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