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Super tusk elephants were thought to be driven to extinction due to poaching, yet it was legend that they still existed


As of 2012, an estimated

super tusk elephants have been

discovered. The majority roam

the Tsavo Trust Conservation

area in Kenya, a land the size

of the entire state of Vermont.


However, this massive tract of land is diverse and raw, making it extremely difficult for their small teams to monitor the animals and fend off poachers.

They need our help.


The Tsavo Trust


The Kenya Wildlife Service

protects the super tuskers around the clock through flight surveillance, on the ground anti-poaching teams, education, community engagement, and research.

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We're Better Together

Here's How You Can Help

01. Make a Small Donation Now

Join our #SaveTheSuperTuskers campaign to help keep these elephants safe. 100% of proceeds go directly to the Tsavo Trust; our goal is to raise $100K USD.

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*Donations in excess of $1,000 will receive a signed print, titled “The Mighty Tusker” featuring Craig who is considered to be the largest known living super tusker.

02. Become an Ambassador

Share the campaign on social media and tag three friends.
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