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Discovering the Horses of Sable Island

Run with the most mysterious all-wild horses in the world


Sable Island, a small strip of land off the coast of Nova Scotia, is like nowhere else on Earth. The island is known for its history of shipwreck and for its incredibly resilient residents; it is home to one of the last herds of completely wild horses who have established their own independent way of life on the island’s 26 rugged miles.



“I find myself continuously drawn to photographing horses because they are symbols of freedom across cultures as well in history and mythology.”

Drew Doggett

White Horses of Camargue 

Horses descended from prehistoric times


The all-white horses of Camargue are most identifiable by their signature color and prominent features; they are believed to be descended from prehistoric horses around 17,000 years ago. Here, set against the monotone backdrop of their habitat in remote Southern France, their grace and power is everpresent.

“I tend to focus on the aspects of the horses that sets them apart as individuals or as a breed, like their eyes or coats or even their relationships within the herd.”

Drew Doggett